a place whose name and history come from a time
when gods talked to mortals, when travelers set off for
unknown destinations and romances could end up as
Kefalonia, an island of the Ionian Sea, took its name
from Kefalos. He was the bravest warrior that the King
of Thiva had at his service.
After wandering around for several years, he managed
to conquer the island, in the name of his King.
So, he gave it to him, as a present.
Kefalos ruled successfully the four regions of
Kefalonia, giving each the name of one of his four sons.
The sons that Prokris, his wife and the love of his life,
had given him.
Prokris is the tragic figure of this story.Kefalos killed
her himself by accident, while hunting.
Of course, according to the legend, Artemis, the
goddess, who was jealous of their love, had
something to do with this accident…
Kefalos spent the rest of his life on the island together
with Prokris’ beloved dog, Lelapas.
Prokris was the daughter of the Athenian King,
Erextheas. To honour her memory, Kefalos planted
a vine on the island.
It was a symbol of fertility. He planted it in a region of
wild beauty and with an amazing view. He named this
region “Thineas gi”. That is, land of the Athenian
It is exactly there, in this mythical place that the villa
“Thineas Gi” was built, with absolute respect for the
land and the incredible natural environment of the
place.Its exquisite design which owes its uniqueness
to the minimal touches of traditional elements as well
as the never-ending view that lies in front of the fresh
pool, turn the villa into an earthly paradise. With 4
independent rooms and with the highest hospitality and
comfort standards, it can accommodate 8-10 people.
At the same time, it becomes not only the ideal holiday
residence for a family or a group of friends but also the
perfect honeymoon destination.